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About Us

We are the creators of Kinetic Luna.  A Legendary product that sold in crores in the 80’s.  and from there, we built a company of engineering & manufacturing excellence & diversity.

Our journey begins in excess of 50 years ago, when our founder, Late Mr. H.K. Firodia identified mopeds as a need for the common man of India.  And so he gave the targets to his son, our Chairman, Padmashri Dr. Arun Firodia as follows:

With an initial capital of Rs. 15 Lakhs, to be made 100 % in India with all Indian machinery, should be weighing less than 50 kg and costing not more Rs. 2000/-

And hence Kinetic Engineering Limited was born in our hometown, Ahmednagar also becomes first company in Ahmednagar which is sprawled over 50 acres (521,000 sqmtrs) with 26 manufacturing sheds. On the pillars of innovation, nationalism, engineering, manufacturing excellence, cost competitiveness, quality & diversity. 

Under the guidance of our Chairman, the Kinetic Luna was created. After factory was set up we are ready to manufacture 2000 Luna’s per day in the 80s.  The company had its own assembly shops like engines, gearboxes, chassis, and had its own heat-treatment, painting, plating which all was vertically integrated.  This large infrastructure virtually started an automobile revolution in India.

After the Pedal Start Luna came Spark, CVT based Safari, Geared King 100; scooterettes Pride & Style and motorcycles Boss & Velocity.  The company pioneered with Hyosung of Korea to launch the 260 cc V twin Aquilla & Comet.  It created a subsidiary joint venture with Honda Motor Company of Japan, named as Kinetic Honda Motor Company from the years 1986 – 1998 which had its manufacturing plant in Pithampur in India.  Under this partnership, Kinetic Engineering Limited set up CVT, Engine, & Gearbox manufacturing capability under Honda systems in order to supply the same to its subsidiary for India’s first CVT scooter, the Kinetic Honda DX.

Kinetic Engineering Limited had a vast network of 1000 dealers across India.  It exported its products all over the world and was the first company in India to export automobiles to USA.

Kinetic Engineering, the flagship company of Kinetic Group, leverages its technical and manufacturing strengths to build a robust auto component business across various verticals such as

Transmission Vertical

Driveline Vertical

EV (2 W & 3W)

Kinetic Engineering Limited’s vertically integrated facility produces forgings, gears, shafts, gear boxes, rigid axles for electric vehicles, and chassis, catering to global and domestic clients to build a growing auto components and auto system business.

KINETIC ENGINEERING LTD Transmission, Axle & Driveline Assemblies
KINETIC ENGINEERING LTD Transmission, Axle & Driveline Assemblies
KINETIC COMMUNICATIONS LTD Electronics including PC manufacturing, Controllers, Digital Instrument Clusters
MICRO AGE INDIA PVT LTD Real Estate & Other Investments
MICRO AGE INDIA PVT LTD Real Estate & Other Investments

The Journey for Kinetic has been as exciting and diverse as its capabilities With historic products like LUNA, KINETIC HONDA, BLAZE, BOSS to a glorious transformation into auto components and assemblies, driveline products and developing axles and frames for Electric Vehicles.

KINETIC is all charged up for the next 50 years!