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PoliciesView Policies
Code of ConductView
Code of Conduct for Independent DirectorsView
Code of Conduct of Board Directors Senior ManagementView
Familiarization Programmes of independent directorsView
Policy on Determination of Materiality for Disclosure of Events or Information
Policy On Materiality Of And Dealing With Related Party TransactionsView
Preservation and Archival PolicyView
Vigil Mechanism Whistle Blower PolicyView
Insider Trading and Code of Fair DisclosureView
Terms and conditions of appointment of independent directorsView
Composition of board of directors and committeesView
Code of conduct of board of directors and senior management personnelView
Details of establishment of vigil mechanism / Whistle Blower policyView
Criteria of making payments to non-executive directorsView
Policy on dealing with related party transactionsView
Policy for determining material subsidiariesView
Familiarization programmes imparted to independent directorsView
Disclosure of the policy for determination of materiality of events or information required under clause (ii), sub-regulation (4) of regulation 30View
Disclosures under Regulation 30(5)View
Dividend distribution policyView