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Our Achievements

Our journey begins in excess of 50 years ago, when our founder, Late Mr. H.K.Firodia identified mopeds as a need for the common man of lndia’ He had a striking vision : to create a vehicles costing than not more Rs. 2000/- And so he gave the targets to his son, our Chairman, Padmashree Dr. Arun Firodia as follows:

And hence Kinetic Engineering Limited was born. on the pillars of innovation, and with nationalism, engineering, manufacturing excellence, cost competitiveness, quality & diversity.

  • With an initial capital of Rs. 15 Lakhs
  • To make a 100% lndian product with no import content
  • With all lndian machinery
  • ln our hometown, as Ahmednagars first company
  • Weighing less than xxx Kg and
  • Costing not less than Rs. 2000

And hence Kinetic Engineering Limited was born. on the pillars of innovation, and with nationalism, engineering, manufacturing excellence, cost competitiveness, quality & diversity.

Under the guidance of our Chairman, the Kinetic Luna was created. A factory sprawled over 50 acres (521,000 sq mtrs) with 25 manufacturing sheds was set up to meet the demand of more than 2000 Luna’s per day in the 80s. The company made its own engines, gearboxes, chasis, and had its own heat- treatment’ painting, plating and assembly shops and was vertically integrated. This large infrastructure virtually started a automobile revolution in India.

After the Pedal Start Luna came spark, cw based safari, Geared King 100; scooterettes pride & style and motorcycles Boss & Velocity. The company pioneered with Hyosung of Korea to launch the 260 cc V twin Aquilla & Comet. lt created a subsidiary joint venture with Honda Motor Company of Japan, named as Kinetic Honda Motor company from the years 1986 – 1998 which had its manufacturing plant in Pithampur in India’ Under this partnership, Kinetic Engineering Limited set up cw, Engine, & Gearbox manufacturing capability under Honda systems in order to supply the same to its subsidiary for India’s first CVT scooter, the Kinetic Honda DX.

Kinetic Engineering Limited had a vast network of 1000 dealers across India. lt exported its products all over the world and was the first company in India to export automobiles to USA.

Our Achievements

Know more about achievements of Luna & other Kinetic products –

Achievements include: –

Complete turnaround of Kinetic Engineering Limited operations to bring company from heavily incurring loss to profitability Awards Reduced in excess of 300 crores of KEL debt Ensured prestigious customers and built a strong quality approach Upgraded facilities Delivered shareholder value by heavy focus on operations & costs

Achievements include: –

The Helen Keller Award (2004) for contributing to the rehabilitation of Leprosy-affected
people who had become social outcasts.
o FICCI Annual Award (2003) for outstanding
Challenged people.

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Who are we today

Kinetic Engineering Limited today is the flagship company of the Kinetic Group. It has leveraged its technical & manufacturing strength in order to build a robust auto component business that is split into various verticals which include:

Transmission Vertical

  • Transmission Assemblies
  • Gears & Shafts for Farm Equipment Sector
  • Gears & Shafts for Passenger cars
  • Synchro Cones & Shifter Sleeves

Driveline Vertical

  • Spline Yokes
  • Stub Shafts
  • Broached & Rolled Sleeves & Connectors

Electric Vertical (2 W & 3W)

  • Gearboxes & Axles
  • Chasis & Frames
  • Other Body Parts

Our Infrastructure

Corporate Office

Kinetic lnnovation Park, D1 Block, Plot 18/2 MIDC, Chinchwad, Pune -411009.

Manufacturing Plant

Ahmednagar – Daund Road

Plant Area

521,000 Sqmtr

Number of manufacturing sheds

Nemo enim ipsam voluptatem quia voluptas 

Number of Employees

1000 +

Achievements include: –

Lifetime Achievement Award (2005) ‘instituted jointly’ by SIAM, ACMA, lCtCl, and overdrive: For being the pioneer in putting affordable mobility within reach of the masses and for bringing convenience and refinement to scootering by giving a modern-day shape, scale, and scope to the lndian two-wheeler industry.