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Gearbox & Assemblies

A golden jubilee of manufacturing & innovation

Gearboxes & Assemblies

KEL is one of the few companies that can make completely assembled gearboxes. From making the forgings in – house to machining all the gears & Shafts, as well as machining the case transmissions, and other covers; KEL also manages the development and procurement of propeitary parts such as bearings, oil seals, inserts, jaws & all other parts required to assemble a gearbox.

The assembly is done through dedicated lines and tested for noise, vibration, leakage and other parameters through its end – of line testing facility.


KEL can also use this capability to manufacture transfer cases and has an understanding with Magna Powertrain to do so, if a customer shall require.

From making the forgings to machining the fully finished gears and shafts to machining the crank cases and covers, to assembling complete gearboxes for LCV, MCVs, electric 2 & 3 wheelers & Quadricycles.

KINETIC is a unique company that has it and does it all!

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